Friday, November 30, 2012

Around the House Podcast - Episode 2 with Richard Hart

Jordan, Kevin & Gerry are joined my Olympic Silver medalist, Brier and World Champion Richard Hart. Richard joins the panel to sit down and talk some curling including, the 2012 Canada Cup in Moose Jaw, small crowd attendance, the 2014 Continental Cup being held in Las Vegas & gambling on curling.

(I was having some network issues during the recording of the podcast so there a few spots where the audio will skip or sound distorted. My apologies and thanks for the patience as we work through some of the bugs. Also the RSS feed should be set up soon so we can get the episodes onto iTunes.)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Around the House - Episode 1

Along with Kevin Palmer & Gerry Geurts we present to you our brand new Curling Podcast: Around the House. We will be discussing everything curling. Here is what we discussed on this episode: Rogers $1 million dollar bonus, Rogers coverage of the first grand slam event, player mics, 2-teir grand slam event and the upcoming Canada Cup.

We will be looking at having a new episode every 2 weeks or so. Enjoy!